Healthcare Jobs For Physical Therapists

By | May 21, 2023

Healthcare facilities throughout the United States offer attractive healthcare jobs that carry good remuneration and associated benefits, for physical therapists. These jobs are in great demand among suitably qualified physical therapists because they carry the promise of a rewarding professional career.

Candidates aspiring for a PT career must acquire a master’s degree in physical therapy and obtain state licensure. Candidates with an associate degree can work as physical therapy assistants.

Duties of a Physical Therapist

The main objective of a physical therapist is to increase the patients’ range of motion by reducing their pain and stress. Qualified physical therapists treat individuals with health problems and help them regain their strength, pride, flexibility and self-determination, both physically and mentally. They examine the patients’ medical records and develop treatment plans, which include therapeutic exercises and activities. Therapy assistants and aides implement the treatment plans under the direction of physical therapists. In addition, they teach the patient how to use the therapy equipment and also document the patients’ progress.

Benefits that Come with Physical Therapy Jobs

Qualified PT professionals can have many value-added benefits such as:

o Medical and dental insurance
o Life insurance
o 401(k) retirement savings plan
o Incentives and bonuses
o Professional liability insurance
o Paid housing
o Relocation expenses

Physical therapists receive excellent remuneration, enjoy flexible work schedules, and can choose part-time, full-time, temporary, permanent and traveling jobs.

Find the Best Jobs in the PT Field

PT job vacancies are available in various healthcare settings such as long-term acute care facilities, community clinics, home health agencies, nursing homes, managed care organizations and hospitals. Both US trained and internationally trained professionals can apply for these positions. Physical therapists with higher educational qualification can go on to teach in universities and colleges.

To track down physical therapist employment opportunities throughout the United States, get in touch with a qualified placement service provider. You might have to register at provider websites and apply on the online application form provided.