Education in India Still Needs Several Re-Formations

By | June 4, 2023

Education in India is one of the most widely raised questions when you are an ambitious student looking to chase his lifetime dream or a concerned parent focused on ensuring the future and stability of their kids. When you look deep into it and as you go downstream analyzing the potential possibility you often end up disappointed. The fact is for the large majority of dreamers as encouraged by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam himself and Indian education system fail to hit the mark.

Education in India is divided into different levels of learning. For every child, the basics that he would carry on with him for the rest of his enchanting life are taught for five years at the primary level. Once the child is capable enough of progress, he is crammed into a new world of learning where he is finally able to reason all his worldly questions with scientific reasoning. Introduction of this knowledge during the three years of upper primary education molds the child into a more rationalistic thinker. From here on, every step he takes gets him deeper into the world of learning. He enters into high school followed by higher secondary education which is the deciding key notes to his destined future.

Once we are through with our school life the next big step is choosing the right college that suits the kind of person you are while leading you to a fruitful tomorrow. Education in India here on is a tough one where the enormous competition would be your biggest challenge. To look on the bright side of the coin, there are countless streams of education in India that one can enter. However, the choice you make have to be a result of valuable research and enquiry. One wrong step could result in loss of time, material and money in abundance.

In addition, the various Universities and colleges spread widely across the country are barely capable of sustaining and implementing high standard education to the growing community. Obsolete infrastructures in most colleges reduce the exposure of students to the coming of latest and modern technology. While the world continually evolves to a better one, these universities lead the students into the dark where they are governed by outdated and outclassed use of technology. Although there are several Universities like IIT’s and IIM’s capable of excellence, they are largely outnumbered by fake and low profile Universities.

The problem with Education in India is not due to the absence of potential but on account of the wrong ideas and methodology. Like most of you are already aware of, the only thing that concerns our teachers are getting good marks and qualifying the various examinations with a good grade. This however, are the better few, while many still cares little about the students as you would have often heard, “Regardless of whether you study or not, I still get paid at the end of the month”. This is the kind of attitude we hear and see every day throughout our academics which is spoon fed to our conscience nurturing us to be another one like them. Those who score well are highly regarded and rewarded while the creative few, full of vivid imagery and ideas as looked down on with sarcasm. The mode of thinking is what needs to be changed with which the whole outlook of education in India can be changed at ease.

Infusing little reformations and good infrastructure, Education in India could be easily boost up to be one of the world’s best. The people need to open their eyes to see that it is a skill that needs to be harnessed and cultivated. A child, who has once mastered the skill of walking, shall walk for the rest of his lifetime.