Culinary Arts School in Maryland

By | May 21, 2023

To pursue a career and become a part of the fast growing food service industry, those who love cooking must get formal education in one of the many top culinary arts schools in the country. If you desire an immediate employment after graduation or, better yet, a higher position in the industry, make sure to choose a culinary school offering appropriate culinary arts program that also covers culinary management, such as the culinary arts school in Maryland – Baltimore International College.

Baltimore International College has two campuses. Its campus in the United States is located in Baltimore, Maryland, which is two blocks away from the world renowned Baltimore Inner Harbor. The other international campus is located in Ireland at the historic Virginia Park, just 50 miles northwest of Dublin.

Baltimore International, the top culinary school in Maryland is founded in 1972 and is regionally accredited, independent college that offers bachelor and associate degrees and certificates from its School of Culinary Arts and School of Hospitality Management. The school’s course of study includes culinary, culinary management, and other related programs. All of the programs are taught by the industry’s competitive and experienced chefs and professors from around the world, sharing all their skills and expertise of the subject. Also, the programs build on a blend of theory and academics with hands-on experience with a paid externship program working at the finest restaurants and hotels in the metropolitan area, exactly what are needed for an effective way of learning the craft.

Aside from the program’s discussion and hands-on experience, the popular culinary school in Maryland also requires students to participate in internships at college-run establishments or externships at approved sites. Actually, most culinary arts programs entail internship or externship for the completion of the program. During the internships or externships, the students will be given the chance to put into practice what they have learned and get the feel of action of a real kitchen environment. In other words, the whole experience allows the student to be prepared of what’s in store for them when they get a real job.

Each culinary school offers culinary programs different length of study to complete the program. The length of programs of top culinary arts school in Maryland, like Baltimore International, can range anywhere from a few months to 4 to 5 years. As for Baltimore International, their culinary training program, which focuses on classical techniques and theories of cooking, takes 12 months to complete. The shorter the length of study in culinary arts, the more likely it will prepare you for an entry level position in field of culinary. Depending on your preferences, you can be employed as early as after graduation with the intensive, professional programs of Baltimore International.